Extra Large Coffee Pod Drawer – 54 Pod Capacity



Nifty’s extra large Coffee Pod drawer keeps your K-Cups® organized in a stylish, satin black drawer.  The larger, more economical design means you can place your brewer directly on top of the drawer.  This means your K-cup pods are organized and not taking up so much precious counter space.  The large capacity drawer holds 54 K-Cup® packs by using the counter top space beneath and behind the brewer.  The longer drawer also means that you can set the coffee machine toward the front of the metal drawer to keep the upper cabinets from interfering with the use of the machine’s handle.  Easily select your K-Cup using the convenient sliding drawer construction.

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12.75" x 18.25" x 2.75"


Space Saving Design, utilize the counter space behind brewer, no more sliding drawer forward


Extra Large Capacity Holds 54 Coffee Pods


Brewer fits right on top of drawer


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